ERICSSON Home Router

Contact information

Company: Ericsson AB

Name of contact: Attila Kuru


Phone Number: 0703655091



Ericsson Radio Access Network (RAN) commercial installations must support efficient L2 and L3 features to enable high traffic throughput with low latency between the Core Network (CN) and the Radio Node (RN).

Thesis Description

This thesis is divided into several steps with the end goal of an empirical analysis whether the existing RN Transport Network (TN) software can be re-used on lower cost hardware to create an inexpensive home router.

The following steps are envisioned as part of the thesis work:

  • Investigate home router market needs using commercial product specifications (Ethernet ports, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, 5G connections, internal/external hard drive or cloud storage)

  • Investigate existing TN software architecture and systemize changes required for new hardware

  • Implement TN changes to create prototypes on lower cost hardware (Raspberry Pi, x86, ARM)

  • Measure the prototype characteristics (throughput and latency) and compare to existing hardware

  • Measure Operation and Maintenance (O&M) characteristics and compare to existing hardware

  • Analyze results and suggest economically feasible home router specifications on new hardware

The thesis will be concluded by presenting the results to the Ericsson Research and Development teams.


This project aims at students in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering or similar. Background and experience in Embedded Systems, Open Source, Linux, IETF protocols, and coding paradigms are preferred.